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Impressive sales highlight the success of the 2023 Carbon County Fair Jr. Livestock Auction

By Dana Davis

Reporter, Carbon County Comet


The recently concluded 2023 Carbon County Fair Jr. Livestock Sale showcased remarkable achievements in livestock raising, as evidenced by the substantial sale results that left both participants and spectators in awe. The auction, held at the fairgrounds, saw a total of $713,349.25 in sales, demonstrating the dedication and hard work put forth by young livestock enthusiasts.

The event’s top sales reflected the breadth of talent within the Carbon County agricultural community.

Shelby Knotwell’s beef took the spotlight, She secured a notable achievement with her beef entry. Lot number 1, tagged as 3037, earned her a remarkable $54,855.00 from Perkins Oil Co. The beef, with a real weight of 1,219 pounds and a pay weight of 1,219 pounds, commanded an impressive price per pound of $45.

Kimber Hopkins beef entry, lot 2, tag 6797 with a pay weight of 1,219 was purchased for $19,815 by Saratoga Forest Management.

The auction was not short on diversity, with swine, goats, and sheep also taking center stage.

Kaylee Johnson’s swine, bearing tag number 53430, caught the attention of Dallen Motors and Torrington Live, leading to a successful sale of $8,942.00. The swine boasted a pay weight of 263 pounds, fetching a price of $34 per pound.

Josiah Stockewell’s swine also brought him an impressive sum. Hones Veterinary purchased the 237-pound animal for $3,792 or $16 per pound.

In the goat category, Sammi Walker’s entry turned heads. The goat secured a handsome sale price of $2,600.00, thanks to Remmick Boer Goats, Pure Dixie, and Custis Show Pigs.

North Fork Engineering and Pure Dixie purchased Koya Roberts’ goat for $1,300.

Ace Arnold’s sheep, identified by tag number 53257, made its presence felt in the auction arena. With a real weight of 157 pounds and a pay weight of 140 pounds, this sheep commanded a price of $30 per pound, resulting in a total sale of $4,200.00. The buyers, Union Wireless and Dallen Motors recognized the value of Arnold’s efforts.

Cashley Criswell’s sheep entry, tag number 53214, secured a commendable sale price of $3,444.00. US Tractor & Harvest, Mtn. West Ins., and Yampa Valley Bank joined forces to acknowledge Criswell’s hard work in raising her sheep, which had a real weight and pay weight of 123 pounds each.

The 2023 Carbon County Fair Jr. Livestock Sale was a testament to the dedication of young livestock enthusiasts and the enduring support of the local community. These remarkable results inspire both participants and spectators to look forward to future editions of the fair, where the spirit of agricultural excellence will undoubtedly shine once again.

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