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Motorcycles, Monkeys and Memories

The Carbon County Traveler

Mike Armstrong

I travel a lot on US 30 quite a lot since I live in Hanna whether I am heading down to Encampment or to Laramie. As warm weather starts to become more consistent, Carbon County starts to see certain things happen.

The Roommate Who Made an Impact on the World

By Mike Armstrong

Reporter, Carbon County Comet


I have probably had more roommates than the average guy, mostly because of my time overseas.

Still, starting with college, I had 4 different roommates before getting a single in my dorm. I got along with every one of them, but different circumstances had us part.  

The Bet

By Mike Armstrong

Reporter, Carbon County Comet


I am often asked how I ever came to live in Wyoming when people learn that I started my adult life in the Washington D.C. area, then moved to Hawaii, Taiwan (twice), Australia (twice)  the Keys in Florida (only three months, but I still lived there) and China (three times).

Graduation, the Same and Not so Much the Same

By Mike Armstrong

Reporter, Carbon County Comet


I started covering graduations about six or seven years ago for newspapers and it really is special to watch. I especially like the slideshows of the kids where we see them of all different ages.

As the years have gone by while I have watched them grow, these kids I first met in 7th grade, have turned into young adults.

Family Days

By Mike Armstrong

Reporter, Carbon County


Wind is Part of Life in Hanna

According to data compiled using the Global Wind Atlas on April 19, 2023, a web-based application developed by the Technical University of Denmark, Alaska is the windiest state in the U.S., followed closely by Wyoming. The other states in the top five are Michigan, Montana and Nebraska.

So it seems Wyoming is the windiest of the 48 continental states. Living in Northern Carbon County, this is no surprise.

Floating Seals the Deal

The Carbon County Traveler

Mike Armstrong


I loved Carbon County before I ever floated the river. And actually the first river I floated was the Encampment, not the Platte.

Once I did float, it sealed the deal about my decision to make this County my home. 

Living in Carbon County is amazing.

Getting to see Carbon County

I have always admired residents who really know Carbon County. There are hunters who know exactly where they want to go when they get their license. The same can be said of people who fish.

Then there are the workers for the County who travel all over to make sure citizens are being taken care of. There are also business folk, who find themselves working all over the County, learning about the different municipalities.

They know Carbon County.

Spring is in the Air

By Mike Armstrong    

Reporter, Carbon County Comet


It is hard to believe that spring is almost upon Carbon County.

The weather has been remarkably gentle for March and April (not wanting to jinx us by any means) and I have been eyeing my gardens on how much I should do. My daffodils are only a few days away from blooming. I have not seen my crocus yet, but they very well could be under old plant growth.

High School Junior Prepares for College Journey





*Editor’s note: I asked my nephew what his experience has been like preparing for college as high school student since the end of the school year is fast approaching and many students are preparing for or going off to college soon. This is his response.



By Alex Julka

Carbon County Comet Contributor


They Won’t Come Back Once The Are Gone

Sometimes we take something for granted because it is always there, not realizing how lucky we are. I venture to say this is true about recreation centers.

In Carbon County, we are really lucky to have some excellent recreation center facilities. A big reason I moved to Hanna was the recreation center it had. 

I have heard this from other residents, the recreation center was a major reason for moving to Hanna.

Recreation centers add quite a lot to a community.

A better winter

Spring is officially here.

A Carbon County spring has often been unrecognizable as the cold snowy weather of winter can last until mid-May, although this year’s winter has been tolerable so far.

At least compared to last year.

I have been told by long-term residents, it was the worst they had ever seen. 

At least in recent memory.

It ranked as the worst in my memory.

Watching Character on the Court

By Mike Armstrong

Reporter, Carbon County Comet


Last weekend, with Rawlins going to State, was the end of my basketball season. It has been a challenge to keep up. I had 10 teams to keep track of in addition to three wrestling teams and for a bit of time, I tried to keep abreast of swimming results.

It was a busy sports season for me.

My Asian Tour of America

The Carbon County Traveler

Mike Armstrong


I just came back from the Governor’s Conference the other day and it was interesting as always. Although the great news about the conference was Saratoga ProStart doing really well in a culinary competition, there are some interesting bits of news to come later from the event. 

The Year of the Dragon

I got a phone call the other day from Darby Doll, a one-time Encampment resident, who lives in Taiwan with his wife and daughter. Many in the Valley may know him as Buck and Ardyce Hoem’s grandson.

He was just finishing up celebrating Chinese New Year.

Insights into Global Healthcare

The Carbon County Traveler


Mike Armstrong


Past few weeks, I have interviewed some medical personnel who are new to Carbon County and it has reminded me how different the world of medicine is around the world which I have personally witnessed.

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