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Kids’ Free Fishing Day

By K.J. Schricker   

Reporter, Carbon County Comet


The Lions Club, in collaboration with the Game and Fish Department and the U.S. Forest Service, hosted the annual Kids’ Free Fishing Day on Saturday at Saratoga Springs Spa and Resort. From 6 a.m. to noon, families from the Platte Valley gathered for a day of fishing and outdoor activities.

The Art of Trapping Beaver

By Mike Armstrong

Reporter, Carbon County Comet


Beavers are known as industrious animals and many cartoon characters portray them as friendly beings that help others. They are interesting looking mammals and to a lot of people, there is a positive image.

That is unless you are a rancher or someone who has a creek running near your home. They can be destructive.

Recent Facebook post sparks controversy over coyotes in Hanna

By K.J. Schricker

Reporter, Carbon County Comet


A recent post on Facebook started a stir in Hanna this past week as residents reported an increasing presence of coyotes within the town’s limits.  One resident took it upon themselves to shoot one of the creatures leading to outrage with some community members because it was just a young pup. It is not unusual for coyotes to enter urban areas in search of an easy meal.

Colorado wolf reintroduction: What it means for Carbon County

By Alex Bakken

Carbon County Sheriff


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